What Is The Host Kitchen Model And How To Get In On It?

What Is A Host Kitchen?

A restaurant leverages its facilities to prepare the food of another brand.

Host Kitchen Model Example

What’s The Difference Between A Host Kitchen And A Ghost Kitchen?

How Host Kitchens Benefit All Parties Involved

Oh yes, the concept is booming!

Benefits For Brands Operating Out of Host Kitchens

Benefits For Restaurants Operating As A Host Kitchen

Benefits For End Consumers

What Are The Pitfalls Of The Host Kitchen Business Model?

Make sure the host kitchen is qualified to prepare your dishes.

Pairing Your Brand With A Host Kitchen: 3 Key Steps

Keep these steps in mind when setting up your host kitchen.

1. Location, Location, Location

2. Create A Curated Menu

3. Find Your Perfect Match

  • Your partner has to be able to take on a significant amount of additional orders without disrupting its main operation.
  • Kitchen staff should have experience creating food from scratch so they can execute your menu to perfection.
  • Your host’s existing infrastructure needs to work well with the menu you want to serve.
  • Your suppliers (or your central kitchen) should be able to easily make deliveries to the host kitchen.
  • Overall, your partner should be performing well on its own and have good customer ratings and an impeccable brand reputation.

Get Your Ducks In A Row

Conclusion: Is The Host Kitchen Model Both Viable And Future-Proof?

All your outlets, host kitchens, franchisees in one clean back of house dashboard.

Monitor Host Kitchens In a Dedicated Dashboard



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