Virtual Restaurant Brands — How To Build A Delivery-Only Concept Into A Fast-Growing Sustainable Franchise

What Is A Virtual Restaurant?

It’s an online menu optimised for delivery and promoted through food ordering apps.

Rise Of Delivery-Only Restaurants

How To Start A Virtual Restaurant?

Rens Bekkers, Co-Founder, Bright Kitchen, The Netherlands

5 steps to open a virtual restaurant brand [that will rake in delivery orders]

#1 Find the right concept

What menu will hit it big on the apps?

#2 Test your idea in the market

Tweak dishes, reframe photos, and change names and prices until it works.

#3 Optimise costs

How to offset third-party delivery costs?
Bright Kitchen reduced food costs by a whopping 8%, without compromising on quality.

#4 Focus on quality

The best menus are the result of months of research and development.

#5 Do your marketing right

Are you able to convert visitors into orders?

Dark Kitchens vs Host Kitchens

While the names sound similar, the premise is very different.
Sam Martin, Co-Founder & COO, Peckwater Brands (UK)

Virtual Restaurant Franchise: How To Make It A Success

What is a virtual franchise?

How To Franchise A Restaurant?

Develop your franchise using a proven roadmap for franchisors.

What’s in it for the host kitchen?

Tobi Lukaschek, Business Development at Rocket Restaurants, Ireland

How to win at virtual restaurant franchising?

Never forget: a franchise is a partnership.

Make life easy for your franchisees

Clément Benoit, Co-Founder & CEO, Not So Dark (France)

Staff involvement is crucial

Future of Virtual Restaurant Concepts

Online ordering and delivery are here to stay. Who will make it a profitable business?
Geoff Alexander, President & CEO, Wow Bao

Don’t Rely On Gut-feeling.

Build your virtual brands on sales and menu data.



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