Technology Strategies For Hotels Are Outdated — The Hospitality Industry Should Embrace A New Scalable Approach

  • costly software patch-ups,
  • difficulties with staff training,
  • low adoption by employees, and
  • underwhelming ROI.

The Frustration Of A Low-Tech Environment

It’s a frustration not only felt by guests.
  • how do you distil meaningful answers from multiple data sources, and
  • how does it improve workload if an employee has to update three apps instead of three spreadsheets?

A New Technology Strategy For Hospitality

A platform solution gives hotel operators the ultimate flexibility and scalability.
  1. Legacy systems: Sticking with a legacy system might make sense for some, but there are better options for a multi-unit organisation looking to grow.
  2. Point solutions: Point solutions are great in one department, but this might come at the expense of the organisation as a whole. If the goal is to future-proof your hotel’s tech strategy, then point solutions aren’t an ideal option.
  3. Platforms: A platform solution gives hotel operators the ultimate flexibility and scalability. The road to success is rife with potholes, detours and u-turns. A platform can absorb those roadblocks and keep the operation on track for growth.

From Tech Stack To Ecosystem

It’s time to retire ‘tech stacks’ and start speaking of ecosystems.

What is a tech ecosystem?

  • the number of guests for the next day’s breakfast from the reservation system to the recipe and inventory management system to automatically generate purchase orders for F&B suppliers, or
  • the food cost number from the F&B Management Platform to the accountancy platform for cross-checking the received invoices.

Remember the Power Rangers?

Opportunity — F&B Once Again A Source Of Profit

Make smarter decisions based on actionable insights

Introducing Apicbase — The F&B Backbone Of A Hotel’s Tech Ecosystem

Start building your hotel’s tech ecosystem with Apicbase.
  • leading POS systems,
  • HR and staff management tools,
  • wholesale grocers, and
  • accounting software.

See how it works?



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Geert Merckaert

Geert Merckaert


I write about F&B Management Best Practices for Multi-Unit Food Businesses. My goal is to help you keep costs down, quality up and operations running smoothly.