Restaurant Menu Costing — How to Automate Recipe Calculations & Eliminate Low-Margin Items

  • what is menu [recipe] costing [and why it’s too essential for you to ignore]
  • why the traditional way of costing out an F&B menu is broken
  • how Apicbase fixes menu costing and saves your time, money & growth
  • 3 ways in which always-on menu costing maximises your profits
  • why Apicbase is your ticket to real-time cost baseline

What’s Menu [Recipe] Costing [& Why You Need It Done Right]?

What is menu costing?

The Traditional Approach to F&B Costing is Wrong. Here’s Why:

  1. the initial recipe costing takes too much time — it’s a manual process with no guarantees of getting the best possible result. You can spend hours costing a single recipe and still end up with an underperforming item because you’ve unknowingly selected a more expensive vendor.
  2. it’s impossible to catch a significant change as soon as it happens — unless you’re looking at every vendor invoice/price list as it rolls in, you can’t see every price/packaging change. By the time you do see it, the damage has been done.
  3. when something changes, fixing everything takes too much time — your costed recipe links to raw ingredient + labour costs on one side, and it informs your pricing and menu engineering on the other side. A single raw ingredient change means you have to consult a bunch of vendor-side papers… and then tweak every costed recipe that uses that ingredient.

Menu Costing in Apicbase is Easy, Accurate & Always-On

A clear overview of everything you need to know about a recipe.
It is as easy as it looks!
Apicbase automatically takes care of your food cost and profit calculations.
Make sure your menu and dish margins are on target at every outlet.

3 Reasons for Keeping Your Menu-Costing Up-to-Date

If you want to turn a healthy profit then your menu costings have to be on point.
  1. find glaring holes that need to be plugged and;
  2. keep tabs on small wrinkles you want to iron out.
  • price your menu with ease and confidence [and without guessing]
  • identify & correct menu engineering issues as soon as they appear
  • quickly close the gap between theoretical and actual food costs

Data-Driven Menu Pricing Updates [& No Expensive Guestimates]

Apicbase tracks cost-side changes at all times.
The Apicbase Assistant keeps your teams on their toes.

Profit-Maximizing Menu Engineering [You Can Tweak On the Fly]

Check which menu items are doing well and which are costing you money.

Bridging the Gap Between Theoretical & Actual Food Costs

  1. often acting months after the event that has caused the variance [since a P&L statement is often made quarterly, and rarely monthly], which makes data reconciliation almost impossible… and the damage that’s been done can’t be undone, and;
  2. wasting hours — and sometimes even days — to pinpoint the cause when you do manage to find it… days that you could spend focused on other business-building activities.
When green goes red, you’re in trouble.
The Insights Hub in Apicbase is loaded with performance dashboards and detailed overviews.

Apicbase — Your Spreadsheet-Free, Always-On Recipe Costing Software

Are you sure that every item on your menu brings in a healthy profit?

See Apicbase Menu Costing Software In Action



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I write about F&B Management Best Practices for Multi-Unit Food Businesses. My goal is to help you keep costs down, quality up and operations running smoothly.