Pitfalls Of Starting A Restaurant Franchise — Is Your F&B Concept Fit For Expansion? Are You Ready To Deal With Franchisees?

4 Signs You Are Not Ready To Franchise

Does your F&B concept need tinkering with?

How To Franchise A Restaurant?

Develop your franchise using a proven roadmap for franchisors.

1. Does my business have a well-defined concept?

2. Can my concept be replicated easily?

3. Do I have a strong track record of profitability?

4. Have I demonstrated success in multiple locations?

3 Disadvantages Of Franchising Your Restaurant You Should Know

Choosing the right business partners is crucial for the expansion of your brand.

#1 You’ll have to share control

The solution

  • First, make it easy for business owners to represent your brand passionately by providing a proven operating prototype and a well-defined branded concept.
  • Secondly, spell out your entire restaurant franchising strategy in a detailed business plan.
  • Finally, make sure that franchisees have a clear understanding of what they’ll be getting into. Screening potential investors and developing a preferred profile will make it easier for you, as a franchisor, to build a relationship based on shared ambitions and trust in each other’s capabilities right from the start.

#2 You’ll risk brand dilution.

The solution

#3 You are (partially) responsible for your franchisees’ success.

The solution

3 Risks Franchisees Face When Buying Your Restaurant Concept

Investing in the relationship with your franchisees is essential for success.

#1 Franchisees have to make a substantial investment.

The solution

#2 Franchisees give away a part of their profits.

The solution

#3 Franchisees don’t hold the reins.

The solution

Leverage Technology To Overcome Operational Pitfalls

How Tech Improves Consistency



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Geert Merckaert

Geert Merckaert


I write about F&B Management Best Practices for Multi-Unit Food Businesses. My goal is to help you keep costs down, quality up and operations running smoothly.