How Apicbase Helps Restaurant Operators Create Accurate Bills of Materials With a Push of a Button

What Is a Bill of Materials for Restaurants?

  • recipe BoM [scaling a single recipe 100, 200, or even 500 times]…
  • menu BoM [scaling an entire menu however many times you need], or…
  • production plan BoM [prepping for a 1000-seat B2B event]…

Apicbase Makes Them Appear Out of Thin Air [Almost]

Replace 100s of spreadsheets with automated calculations and actionable insights.
  • a hotel kitchen hand tasked with scaling a popular breakfast dish to 100 portions before a large group comes in on the weekend;
  • a restaurant sous chef who wants to create a Friday night production plan based on current [and forecasted] reservations;
  • a B2B catering head chef who needs to figure out how to price an elaborate 10-course corporate dinner for 800 people.

1. Get a Recipe Bill of Materials in Just Three Clicks…

To scale up dishes, all you have to do is enter the number of portions.
  • preordered takeaways and deliveries [if you’re doing set lunch items for businesses];
  • prepackaged items like salads or sandwiches [in a canteen or a bakery, for example];
  • when preparing next week’s orders [for reservation-only high-end restaurants].

2. Menu Bill of Materials in Five Clicks

Get aggregated bills of materials AND purchase orders in seconds.

3. Generate a Bill of Materials for Predefined Production Plans

All your production plans — catering events, prepackaged meals, Football Fridays… anything — can be a BoM.

Start Doing BoMs the Right Way With Apicbase

  • where’s our next menu starter coming from?
  • where can we get this ingredient more cheaply?
  • how can we negotiate a better deal with this vendor?

See Apicbase in Action



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Geert Merckaert

Geert Merckaert

I write about F&B Management Best Practices for Multi-Unit Food Businesses. My goal is to help you keep costs down, quality up and operations running smoothly.